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Below the gluttonous, wrathful, and sullen; below the suicidals and squanderers, the hypocrites and thieves; below the sowers of scandal and schism; below traitors to kin, homeland, and party; below the betrayers and the nine circles of hell--gurgles a horror never before fathomed by any Oak or Ash. So seething in mind as to make Team Rockets’ wiles seem mere child’s play and whips of vine to crack the steel of a level 80 Blastoise’s shell and jaws forever gnashing on the bodies of Mew and Mewtwo alike, a beast whose eyes hold a thousand nightmares between them. By it is the Pokemon and trainer alike eternally enslaved if either is to falter in the quest to catch them all. Drooling the acid of the River Styx, and belching the fire from some swallowed Charizard lung lies the god of torment, the lord of the pit, and the stage two evolution of Bulbasaur. Behold it in its terrible wrath, for it is Venuscore.


released September 28, 1998



all rights reserved


Venuscore Santa Barbara, California

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Track Name: Battle of Titans
The Titan Pokemon escaped
Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres
The power struggle has begun
It's up to me; the chosen one

It's looking grim, I can't pretend our lives aren't coming to an end
We're doomed
Our only hope is up to me, I must restore the trinity
Of orbs

On my way
To save the day
The will of Melody
I will obey
It's not a choice, it's destiny
I'll put an end to this misery

Island of ice is where Articuno flies
Electric glows on the island of Zapdos
The fires blaze on the scorched wings of Moltres
I won't give up until we're safe

Great Guardian, beneath the sea
Rise up and fight to restore peace
Alone it can't complete the task
And thus the world shall turn to Ash

Life can be a challenge, life can seem impossible, but it's never easy when there's so much on the line
Track Name: Part 1
Oak is looking for you, explore the town
And you will find out then that Professor Oak isn't around
Go north to leave Pallet Town and Oak will run up to you
Then take you to his lab with 3 Pokemon from which to choose
Your rival, Gary, will choose one that's stronger
As you try to leave he will challenge you
Defeat him and leave town, head to Route 1 now
This stage of your mission is now through

The only Pokemon here are Pidgey and Rattata
You can't catch them yet, but still you must fight

The merchant you meet will give you a potion. Continue north, battling wild Pokemon. Should you grow weak, flee the scene of the battle. One will advise you on descending each ledge. Soon you will reach Viridian City.

When you arrive, then you will go to the Pokemart
Enter, take the parcel, and you will go back to Pallet Town by Route 1
Now enter the lab and hear what you're to do
To fill this Pokedex is the task that awaits you

I depend on only myself to see this through
Faith and resilience will keep me alive, alive in this world so new
When my time arrives
I will challenge them all, every trainer I meet, none of my foes will survive

Let the battle begin now, lets throw down in Viridian
Test your will against mine
You will never defeat this, the weaponry
You are out of time
These orbs enslave and empower me
And now the forest tests my strength